Roses are Red, Velvets are Blue?

Cacti and Velvet. What more could a girl want? These very things make me soooo happy right now, so I thought I would combine the two to show you the velvet pieces in Kat's Kloset. Yes, I just did that, wrote about myself in the third person and spelled closet with a K.. not deleting it either. Enjoy! … Continue reading Roses are Red, Velvets are Blue?

Not Your Ordinary Island

In June, I had the amazing opportunity to be apart of a bridal inspirational shoot! The shoot was also an excuse to getaway for the weekend 😉 Where you ask? The location of the shoot was not too far from me, about 2 1/2 hours and 160 miles away in Cumberland Island, Georgia. Wow, this … Continue reading Not Your Ordinary Island

Here’s to you, California

California was lovely as I'm sure you could have already guessed. I've been to Cali before but only in L.A. for a work trip. Recently, I was able to stay a little longer (Wed-Sunday), to visit my boyfriend, Tyler, and watch his first home soccer game of the season! Although watching Tyler play was the … Continue reading Here’s to you, California