Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica has been on my bucket list since I saw the movie Hannah Montana! It looked so fun and I knew one day I would visit.

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 The weather could have not been more perfect for this day.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete experience without a ride on the Ferris wheel! 

After grabbing some ice cream, we explored some more of Santa Monica. Just like Venice, we came across so many beautiful corners that made me smile..

For lunch, we went to Γ‰lephante. The menu is light coastal Italian and if you’re looking for some yummy pizza, this is your spot! 

Γ‰lephante is full of custom furniture and design touches that surround you with natural wood, stone and copper finishes.  There’s also a nice sitting area outside overlooking the city.

On my last blog post, I mentioned how we met some amazing people at Great White cafe. We met Nely Galan- Google her. She’s a best seller author, TV producer and was the former President of Entertainment for Telemundo. This woman is such an inspiration. We were kicking it off in conversation with a complete stranger, next thing you know we were invited over to her house. These are the moments I live for when I travel. Making connections with people and hearing their stories.

Once we were done exploring Santa Monica, we made our way back to Venice. Nely lived near the canals so after being mind blown by how beautiful her home was, we strolled by her neighborhood. 

Inside Nely’s house πŸ™‚ Isn’t it magical!? 

On this walk, we met our new friend Priya. She was visiting Venice from Canada and was there for a women empowerment conference. When we told her our story about meeting Nely, she shared out excitement!

We were on our way to Hotel Erwin and Priya joined us for the rest of the night. Love making new friends πŸ™‚ 

We shared some laughs and ended the night with a beautiful Sunset.

Thank you for the new friends, smiles and memories Santa Monica and Venice. I’ll be back! 


Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.


37 thoughts on “Santa Monica, California

  1. I can’t wait to visit I have been meaning to because I am a moxi skater and all the friendships I have made by being a skater has always involved me going to hang out with them. I love all the other visits to California but this next one will be very special. Your post only made my future visit even more interesting!

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  2. As I read this, I’m in the city of Santa Monica. Though, sadly not at the beach. Just in a boring office building. I love seeing where I live through the eyes of a visitor because it helps me see the great things I can easily overlook because I see it all the time!

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  3. Looks like a fun day out. You have some beautiful memories there. One memory I have of there is meeting a family in a restaurant. They were so friendly and we just started chatting. I love how travel isn’t just about the places you go, it’s the people you meet. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

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  4. So relaxing to chill by the sea at Santa Monica! It’s wonderous it seems to me the place never has a bad day because every photo I see is always sunny and colorful! @ knycx.journeying

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